Financial Calculators

Become a crorepati calculator

This calculator computes how much you need to save each month based on the target time and the investment rate of return specified by you to become a crorepati. Alternately, it also helps you figure out how long you will take to become a crorepati based on how much you invest each month and at what rate.

Currency converter calculator

This calculator helps you convert values from one currency to another and from one denomination (lakh, million, crore, billion) to another in a jiffy.

Financial goals calculator

This calculator helps compute the amount you need to invest each month to reach a specific financial goal based on the rate of return and time period specified by you.

Future value of monthly savings calculator

This calculator computes the future value your monthly savings based on the return that you expect to earn on them and time-frame of investment.

Future cost calculator

While assessing the financial cost of each goal, the time element needs to be considered. This calculator helps you compute the future cost of your goal taking into account the rate of inflation and time-horizon before fulfilment.

Personal financial planner

A complete financial planner for an individual which helps him budget, work out savings available for investing, puts numbers to his life goals and helps him work out how to fulfil them.

Power of compounding calculator

This calculator helps compute the future amount when compounding (Monthly / Yearly / Half-yearly / Quarterly) of returns is undertaken.

Present value of future income calculator

This calculator computes the present value of the income that you are expecting to receive in the future.

Risk analyser / asset allocator

This interactive helps you judge your investment risk tolerance (risk‐taking ability and capacity) and computes your ideal asset allocation between debt and equity based on this result.

Time to double your money calculator

Compute how much time it will take to double your investment, based on your expected investment return.

Submission Format

All calculators/interactives are submitted in MSExcel format. The workbooks will be automated and formulae and process documented for the software coding team. Automation of the workbooks will help the software coding team validate the results.

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