Finance Crosswords

FinanceInsights has on offer a bank of more than a thousand words that can be used to create crosswords to be carried as a contest on any of your communication material or simply as an education tool. Crosswords can be created in a thematic way (e.g. for a particular subject like 'investing in mutual funds') or as a mix of finance words of your choice.

Indicated below is a sample crossword:



1 Term used for a physical deformity 2 Investing a fixed sum at regular intervals (acronym)
4 Repaying your loan before its due date 3 Term used for rise in prices
7 Returns after reducing taxes and inflation 5 Not primary market
9 Term used to describe a stock market that is not stable 6 Wall street of India
11 What is paid to an insurance company by the policy holder to continue his insurance policy 8 Fall in value of an asset over time
12 First offer made by a company of its shares to the public (acronym) 10 Extra days offered by an insurance company to the policy holder to pay premium
13 A mutual fund scheme that invests in debt and equity in nearly equal proportion 12 Mutual fund scheme that invests in shares forming an index
15 Possibility of loss 14 Shares offered by a company to its shareholders for free
16 Flagship index of Bombay Stock Exchange 17 Protection offered by an insurance company to its policy holders
18 Not a liability 22 China's currency
19 Interest rate that is not fixed throughout the term of the loan  
20 What is paid by a borrower to the lender  
21 Regulatory authority of capital markets in India (acronym)  
23 Amount received on cancelling an insurance policy  
24 Converting shares back to paper form  



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