Multiple Choice Contest

FinanceInsights has on offer a bank of questions with multiple choices for answers. They are categorized in the following manner:

  • Mutual funds
  • Equity and derivatives
  • Life insurance
  • General insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Banking and fixed income
  • Loans

Indicated below are samples of multiple choice questions:

Question What is an NFO?
Opt 1 Shares issued to the public for the first time by a company
Opt 2 Units issued to the public for the first time by a mutual fund
Opt 3 Bonds issued for the first time to the public by an institution
Opt 4 A life insurance scheme offered for the first time to the public by an insurance company
Correct Answer Opt 2
Category Mutual funds


Question IRDA is the regulatory body for
Opt 1 Stock markets
Opt 2 Corporate
Opt 3 Insurance companies
Opt 4 Mutual funds
Correct Answer Opt 3
Category Insurance


Question Fixed deposits are offered with
Opt 1 Fixed interest rate
Opt 2 Floating interest rate
Opt 3 Fixed and floating interest rates
Opt 4 None of these
Correct Answer Opt 1
Category Banking and fixed income


Question P/E ratio is computed by dividing
Opt 1 Profits by estimates per share
Opt 2 Patents by enterprise value
Opt 3 Product value by earning value
Opt 4 Price by earnings per share
Correct Answer Opt 4
Category Equity


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